What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a means of delivering your project closer to your audience and clients by making it appear within the top lines of the link list that a search engine provides you when you enter a query.


SEO implies making your website comply with the set standards which Google, Yandex and other search engines use.


We use a comprehensive approach, which means your page gets analyzed and promoted with regard to the rules which determine how effective the means of promotion are.


What we do to promote your pages

The work aimed at improving your website position in search engine query results comprises of two aspects:


The methods we use

We boost your page and brand awareness by means of white hat SEO, which means your website won’t get blocked by Google and other similar systems evaluating the content of websites. Black hat SEO only seems to provide fast results, but such pages end up being blocked, and it takes a while (if ever) to get the website out of the black lists. That’s why we stick to white hat SEO policy and believe that content is what makes a page useful to its visitors. Well, the aim is to help people who are looking for information, and not just make them click the link, isn’t it?


What SEO promotion brings you

Technologies and Platforms