Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising: What It’s All About


Contextual advertising is a means of bringing your products and services closer to the target audience by showing your ads only to those people using search engines to look for things similar to those you’re advertising. It means you can adjust it to ensure only the people interested in the product you’re promoting will see it.


How it works

The utilizing of the tool of contextual advertising starts with the following task: you (or the team you’re hiring) are to develop a set of advertisements and adjust a promotional campaign using special search engine systems (offered by Google and other SEs). Then your ads are shown on website pages, and the priority of an ad placed to be displayed on some page depends on the payment offered for each click. The higher the payment, the better. You pay only for the times a user clicks on your ad, and the ‘queue’ to be displayed is shaped by the budgets assigned by companies. The system chooses ads to be displayed to particular people automatically.


Contextual advertising is characterized by various benefits:

Technologies and Platforms