Business Card Website

Business Card Website: The Face of Your Company

Business card websites are designed to represent your company on the Internet and make up the best option of reaching out to the audience online if you offer some range of products or services.

A typical business card website comprises of a set of pages including the ones like “About us”, “Catalogue”, “Contact info”, etc. It provides all kinds of information related to your company, the goods or services you offer, how to contact you and what terms you state. Actually, business card websites remain the most widely used type of websites because of their comprehensive approach, relevant content and convenient structure.


3 benefits of ordering a business card website


Webcost offers business card website development services varying from design development to website promotion. You can also order to handle all the stages, from draft elaboration to page audit and running an advertising campaign. 

Logo development is another aspect of business card website creation which is often needed, because no page is complete without a sign that makes people remember your company and increases brand awareness.

Delegate business card website development to Webcost: we offer reasonable prices and the best results, as we strive to make each project unique and adjust all the elements so that they correspond to the general idea of the website being developed.

Our Process

1. Initiation

Project team formation, project chartering and kick-off

2. Planning

Defining the detailed work breakdown, identifying resource requirements, finalizing the schedule and preparing for the actual work.

3. Execution

Performing the actual work required by the project definition and scope.

4. Monitor and Control

The actual management, reporting

5. Project Close

Delivery of the project


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